Our Story

The Bat Company has been a crazy fun ride! Full of ups and downs, strike outs and dingers, the Bat Company all started back in 2008 when I decided I wanted to start working with kids to share my love and energy for this wonderful game!

It all began when started renting a side of my parents warehouse. I outfitted the cage with old carpet, cheap netted cage, and an old L-screen that was given to me by my old high school coach. The lighting was horrible, so I added some flood lights to help hitters see the ball. My lessons were $35 dollars an hour and I always went over! I wanted to ensure a great lesson and make sure each kid walked away feeling confident. The internet was fairly new back then and I didn’t know many kids in the area. I called it Scott Ackerman Hitting instruction. 


It was really hard in the beginning!!!! I won't lie! However, looking back, some of my greatest lessons were during that time. We had a blast and kept it simple!


After about 6 months pushing hard, I started to build a small little weekly clientele and my little cage started to get cramped. I decided to rent a larger section of the warehouse and build a bigger cage. That is when I started to grow and things got exciting!


I put a lot of energy and effort into the design of that cage because I wanted a big open space to see the travel of the ball. I was the only one in there, so I set it up perfect to give the best lessons to every client. It was during that time, I met an amazing client turned great friend, and we teamed up to build what we now call The Bat Company. The idea was to create an online store that sold bats and then mix it a training house. This is where the name The Bat Company came from.


In order to do this, we would need our own commercial space. We were blessed and ended up with an amazing space (still the best I have ever rented) down on 95th in Wilsonville. It was a small front office which served as a store, and then a warehouse in the back where we built a sweet cage! At this point we become official with the business and raised our rates. We also made a big push to create a solid online presence in the retail world. Which we later discovered is a ton of work! The Wilsonville facility is where the Bat Company was formed and the true beginnings of what you see today was born! We started our baseball travel teams, I did my first softball lessons, and started group classes on Friday nights! Some of the best memories come from those times!

Fast forward and pretty quickly our space was once again getting extremely tight. We were growing and I started having other trainers asking to rent space for their own lessons. We chose to expand into a larger space in Tualatin where we could have two cages, a showroom, and an office. This allowed for a ton of growth! It was in the Tualatin facility we realized that our business plan going forward needed to be focused on training the kids and providing travel ball teams. The retail business proved to be too hard to manage on top of our growing training program, so we shut that down. Once we made that decision we knew we would need more than two cages so we started looking for a larger space where we could grow and develop into the program we wanted.


In 2012, I was looking through Craigslist and I stumbled upon the Motion Marine Boat Manufacture building and it looked interesting. Finally enough space to execute on our vision! We wanted to provide a large training facility for these kids with a culture of hard work and positive energy and this place had it all! I paid off the lease in Tualatin to ensure we would get this other new exciting facility...and we did!


The Bat Company facility you see today has been remodeled over 20 times to truly find the right layout. We added the latest state of the art technology and equipment and a 20,000 sq ft outdoor turf field, to make it a one stop facility! Knowing that this was the place we could truly grow and get serious about our teams, we decided to start our softball program! That brings us to today!


This game has taught so many valuable lessons over the years and made me the man I am today. It is so important to me that each kid who has a desire to get better, learn how the play the game the right way, and have lots of fun along the way. The community and culture we have built at The Bat Company is truly amazing. The staff at The Bat Company take pride in providing great instruction and motivation to compete. We want every kid who walks through the door to feel like they have a home here, whether it is for training or to play on one of our travel ball teams. Most importantly, we want everyone to walk out with a smile!

Thanks for coming to our site to check us out. We hope you will stick around and see all the fantastic things we have to offer. I owe this incredible sport so much and cannot wait to pass that experience on to your child! 

Scott Ackerman 

Founder, Owner, and Lead Trainer of The Bat Company