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Garrett Patterson

Unique Showtime

Garrett Patterson is the founder and owner of Unique Showtimes LLC. The word unique couldn’t be more describing of what Garrett brings to the training world! Garrett is in his 7th year with the Bat Company Facility with no signs of slowing down.


Garrett's career started way before Bat Company. He as given over 10,000 lessons and is consider one of the best trainers in the northwest. He specializes in college prep for top high school athletes getting ready to compete when they step foot on campus. Garrett trains a variety of ages, from Division 1 athletes to younger kids who have a dream of being a talented ball player. Garrett was a Division 1 athlete himself, but chose training so he could impact kids and make a difference. 


Garrett is an industry leader in training the art of infield. He is also widely known for his ability to teach hitting at a high level. Garrett is consistently studying the latest trends and using data to improve his training techniques. He also has the unique ability to motivate athletes to prepare for games and practice with purpose. He teaches the importance of mental toughness, hard work, and the ability to adapt in game scenarios and make adjustments. 


Garrett offers individual, buddy, and group private training for infield and hitting. Throughout the year he does various camps and clinics, as well as trains teams. If you are looking to improve your mental and physical ability and be inspired while training, Garrett is your guy.


Contact Garrett today to step up your training!

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