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Private Lesson | 1-Hour


Group of 2 Lesson | 1-Hour


Group of 3 Lesson | 1-Hour


Group of 4 Lesson | 1-Hour


Catching Class | Caps at 10 Athletes


Infield Class | Caps at 20 athletes


Private Lesson | 30-Minutes


Michelle Thiry

Trainer - Hitting, Outfield, Infield, Catching, Vision Training

Softball has been a part of my life for as long as I remember.  It has created opportunities for me that I will be forever grateful for.  It has helped to shape me into who I am today through countless lessons that only this game of failure can provide.  After stepping away from the sport to start my career at Nike, I realized that I wasn’t ready to be done.  While I did not want to go back to college athletics, I saw a tremendous opportunity to teach, inspire, and show a new generation of NW softball athletes what is possible if they raise their expectations.  My goal, each time I step onto a field or into a cage, is to help athletes push the limits of what they believe they are capable of. 


I am motivated by working with goal driven athletes.  Whether its earning more playing time, making the club or high school team, or chasing a big dream like playing Division 1, I’m a firm believer that the player owns and drives the process.  My role is to ensure they understand the how and why so they can become students of the game, apply the work in the moments that matter the most, and make it their own. 


I love the work, the process, practice, and competing.  Admittedly, if athletes don’t love the work, they probably won’t like me, but I take pride in showing the players I train/coach that the work can be satisfying and fun.  Ultimately, I want to share this game I love with kids, knowing that regardless of how far they take it, the lessons will last far longer than their playing career.


  • Stanford Softball 2001-2005 Catcher

  • 2001 WCWS 3rd Place

  • 2002 Regionals 

  • 2003 Regionals

  • 2004 WCWS 3rd Place

  • 2005 Pac-10 Champions

  • 2005 Super Regionals Final National Ranking. #10

  • University of Washington. 2006-2007

  • 2006 Super Regionals

  • 2007 WCWS 3rd Place

    • ESPN feature on Vision Training**

  • Arizona State University 2008-2011

  • 2008 Pac-10 Champions

  • 2008 National Champions

  • 2008 NFCA Coaching Staff of the Year

  • 2009 WCWS 5th Place

  • 2010 Super Regionals

  • 2011 Pac-10 Champions

  • 2011 National Champions

  • 2011 NFCA Coaching Staff of the Year​

  • ** Vision Training is a process I learned from Tom Davidson who worked for the Seattle Mariners.  It’s a combination of drills and tracking tennis balls traveling at high speeds that develop and enhance a hitters ability to see and track the ball.  I was fortunate to do this training myself heading into my senior year, so I understand the benefits first hand.  I was also fortunate enough to learn how to train athletes while at Washington.  Several players achieved multiple career bests in 2007 while utilizing this training. 

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