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The Bat Company Facility

With over 10,000 SF of indoor space and 20,000 SF of outdoor space, the Bat Company is the premier training facility in the Portland area. We are equipped with the latest and greatest analytical analysis equipment, high tech pitching machines, and strength and performance gear.

  • Hit Trax - Maximize exit velocity and optimize launch angles by capturing real-time metrics and observing results immediately after impact. Swing with purpose.

  • Pro Batter - At the core of each simulator is a high-tech, commercial pitching machine that can throw virtually any pitch that a pitcher (or bowler) can deliver; a larger video projection screen on to which is projected video HD quality images of actual pitchers and cricket bowlers; and a touch screen controller that is not only attractive, but easy enough for even the bat boy to use.

  • Our new Plyo wall is built for arm strength with weighted balls and injury prevention through resistance band training. 

  • We are equipped with 3 full bullpens and 4 batting cages. We have a full weight room with opportunities to build in all aspects of baseball and and softball.

  • Full turf outdoor field for infield, outfield, agility, and team training year round. 

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